AGM 2015 Update

The Annual General Meeting was held virtually in an Internet Meeting room on May 19, 2015.


Vice-President Sarah Erickson reported on the activities of the Leadership Team over the past two years, describing various ways that the infrastructure has been put into place to connect with the membership using social media tools. The Leadership Team organized a Conference for Feb/March 2015, which unfortunately had to be cancelled for lack of registration. The Leadership Team is currently re-launching the content from the conference as a series of webinars which will be offered monthly (except for the summer) between April and December 2015.

Treasurer Jim Haun reviewed the financial reports for both 2014 and 2015, because there was no AGM last year. After all expenses from the cancelled conference were paid, there continues to be a modest balance in the account which will allow us to offer the various programs planned for 2015.

A new Leadership Team was elected, consisting of the following:

  • Sarah Erickson, President (second term)
  • Merri Alexander, Vice-President (first term)
  • Ginny Proctor, Secretary (first term)
  • James Haun, Treasurer (second term)
  • HiRho Park, At Large (first term)
  • Stephen Fetter, At Large/web editor (second term)

Webinar Host Stephen Fetter described the new webinar series, and invited some conversation among the participants about the issues and struggles we are facing as leaders of lifelong learning, in the hope that the results of this would help us create webinars that truly address these.

There was enthusiasm about the power of the web platform we used, and regret that we were unable to continue the conversations for longer. The Leadership Team is considering a proposal to convene a general meeting of the membership using this tool more frequently than once a year, to help us connect together in this way.

For Full Minutes of the meeting, Click HERE

Members of ALLLM who wish to review a copy of the financial report are asked to click HERE to email the Secretary and request a copy.

Webinar Series Continues

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