Exploring Small Church Ministry

The next ALLLM Open Forum is currently planned for Tuesday February 23 at 2:00 pm Eastern Time. This is a chance to connect once again with other leaders of lifelong learning across the continent, share stories and strengthen our network.

Our discussions will kick off the theme for our next set of webinars, in which we'll explore the unique aspects of Small Church Ministry.

For this forum we want to know:

  • What con ed programs do you offer for leaders of small churches?
  • How do you see small church ministry as different from the ministry of churches in other sizes?
  • What kinds of programs should ALLLM members be offering to the leaders of small churches in your neighbourhood?

Come join us for a round-table discussion of the joys and struggles of small church ministry, and help focus the topics for our Spring webinar series.

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Upcoming events -- Mark your calendar now

Tuesday March 15, 2016 -- 2pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time

  • One Body, Many Parts:  Continuing Education Programming for Smaller Congregations
  • facilitator: Marilyn Johns, Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond VA
  • The lifelong learning program that Marilyn leads at Union Presbyterian Seminary has a significant focus on supporting the leaders of Smaller Congregations. She'll pick up on the questions and concerns raised in the February Open Forum, and lead us into some reflection on current thinking about how Smaller Congregations are different from the ones most of us were trained to lead, and what she's learning about how to support them.

Thursday April 28, 2016 -- 3-4pm Eastern Time

  • ALLLM Annual Meeting
  • Oddly enough, we're supposed to hold an Annual Meeting once a year! This will be a chance to gather online and talk about ALLLM ... what we've done in the past year; what we hope to do next; what the needs of our membership are. In addition to the regular administrative things that have to happen at any AGM, we'll be inviting reflection and feedback on the webinar series we've hosted over the past year. We'll be interested in your ideas about what topics ought to be addressed in future webinars; whether you think we ought to start planning for another face-to-face conference; and other ways that ALLLM could be helpful to our collective ministry equipping the leaders of the church. Please plan to join us for this important conversation.